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All kayak rentals include delivery to the water along the causeway between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. That includes the Lighthouse Lakes Trails and surrounding areas. There are numerous dropoff spots for self-guided trips and our courteous staff will do their best to point you in the right direction to get you started on an epic paddling adventure.


At Slowride Guide Services guided kayak fishing trips are our specialty and what we have built our reputation on for over twelve years. Our guides have years of experience fishing and paddling the waters of the Coastal Bend. We use the kayak as a fishing tool and seek out world-class sightcasting opportunities in ultra shallow gin clear water with conventional tackle, that is spinning and casting rods. We also lead fly casting anglers on kayak fishing trips as well. The kayak makes you mobile and silent and that gives access to water that is impossible to reach in a skiff and difficult to wade into.



*You will get wet *You are not going to "roll" your kayak
*Low tides and high winds can make kayaking difficult
*There are hazards in the water
*Oyster shells are very sharp
*Mucky mud can literally swallow shoes
*Stingrays-well that's a trip to the hospital

What You Should Bring

*Water (better than soda)--Food (snacks)
*Personal Clothing Gear
(depends on current weather conditions)
*Polarized sunglasses
*Hat and sunscreen
*Shoes that strap on tight and protect your ankles


An Eco-Tour is a great way to enjoy a paddling trip and observe and learn about the local flora and fauna. We visit fragile, pristine, and relatively undisturbed natural areas of Redfish Bay. More people are flocking to the coast to each year to enjoy paddling in the crystal clear grassy flats and kayaking is intended as a low-impact way to access theses flats. Kayak Eco-Touring offers a leisurely day of paddling where your guide will offer paddling instruction as well share knowledge of the plants and animals you will encounter along the way. Eco-Tours average about four hours with about five miles of paddling. Our guides will work to your physical level to insure a fun and safe trip.



Kayak Rentals

$65 full day (24 hours)


All rentals include paddle, lifejacket, and delivery to the causeway between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas.

Kayaking Eco-Tour

Half Day (4 hours) $150 per guide plus rental

Full Day (8 hours) $250 per guide plus rental
Groups:$20 per person w/own kayak

Guided Kayak Fishing Trip

$500 Half Day (4 hours)              

$650 Full Day (8 hours)

Includes two people with all gear provided

Add $75 for each additional angler max. 4 people per guide

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